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the Sir Isaac model

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When I first heard about the Newton Running shoes last year, Adidas Ultra Boost Damen I found them intriguing, mainly because I’d been hearing so much about how humans evolved to land on the midfoot or forefoot when we run. Newton running shoes are unique in that they are designed specifically for midfoot/forefoot runners. They Nike Air Max 90 Heren accomplish this by reducing the height of the heel and increasing the cushion in the forefoot such that the overall offset or difference in thickness between heel and forefoot is minimized. In other words, Newton shoes have a flatter sole than most typical running shoes, and this makes it less likely that a runner will heel strike in them. In addtion to the minimal heel-toe differential, Newton shoes also have a unique system of “actuator lugs” under the forefoot that are designed to absorb shock upon impact and then release it on toe off (see the rectangular red lugs on the forefoot of Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens the shoe to the left) – Newton calls this Action/Reaction Technology?. The idea is that the lugs get compressed under pressure when the forefoot contacts the ground, then they spring back, releasing energy during toe-off. The technology sounded interesting Nike Air Max 2017 Femme to me, but the steep price  of Newton shoes had kept me from pulling the trigger on buying a pair (see more thoughts on Newton pricing at the end of this post) .One of the nice things about writing a reasonably well-trafficked running blog is that occasionally companies will send you free gear to try out in exchange for a review. So it was that late last year a marketing rep for Newton shoes (and other outdoor sports companies) sent me a pair of Newton Sir Isaac shoes to try out (disclaimer: I received no form of compensation other than the shoes themselves). Here is how Newton Nike Air Max 95 Femme describes the Sir Isaac:“The Sir Isaac guidance trainer is designed for runners of all levels who are committed to Natural Running. Whether you follow Chi, Pose, Evolution, barefoot running or just want to run better, the Sir Isaac allows you to run naturally Nike Air Max 90 Mens — with greater efficiency and less overuse injuries.“Landing on your midfoot/forefoot is the most natural way to run. It is also the fastest and most efficient way to run. Newton Running shoes are the only shoes that were developed specifically for Natural Running.I’m going to avoid debating about whether heel/midfoot/forefoot running is most efficient or most effective at “reducing overuse injuries” as this would probably take an entire post. Furthermore, at this point I’d argue that Newton has some competition in the so-called “natural running” marketplace (see shoes like the Nike Air VaporMax Femme Vibram Fivefingers, Terra Plana Evo, and maybe even the new Saucony Kinvara). Rather, my goal here is to simply report on my experience with the Sir Isaac shoes.I’ll start off by saying that I really wanted to like these shoes. I was envisioning putting Adidas Superstar Femme them on and suddenly being able to spring along the ground like a gazelle, feeling the energy return from the actuator lugs with every step. Unfortunately, what I wound up discovering was that the Newton shoes, or at least the Sir Isaac model, don’t seem to suit my running style – I’ll explain why I say this below.Lady Isaac tilted so Adidas NMD Womens you can see the outsole and forefoot actuator lugs (image from
Here are my collected thoughts on the Newton Sir Isaac shoes after about 40 miles of running in themAppearance: The Newton Sir Isaac is a nice looking shoe, although a Nike Air Max 90 Dames little too white given my personal preference for flashy/loudly colored shoes. I like the orange highlights, but in the Newton lineup, I’d go for the yellow Distancia or red Gravitas if it came down to appearance alone (which, to be honest, is not a very good reason for choosing a shoe).Fit: The Newton Sir Isaac is a very comfortable shoe. The upper material is soft and nicely breathable, the toebox is plenty roomy for my average width foot, and the shoes fit true to size. From a fit standpoint, these shoes are perfect for my foot.
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