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Tips for writing good texts

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Key tip: the message is the essence of each text

Never write a text (absolutely none!) That does not convey one or more messages, unless you do not want to make it public.

You can train your writing every day, until you have enough confidence to handle words at will, according to your goals. The good writer is able to draw mental images using the outline of words.

When you are more confident, ask other people to read your writings and make sure they understand your message. But (remember this!) I already read an article in which the author instructed us not to bother our friends. So, I recommend that you first try to make sure your text is intelligible, before asking someone to do it.

Writing is like talking. Have you ever noticed that it is almost impossible to understand what a person says when he speaks to himself? When you take a chance and ask her what she said, you will only hear her say that she was "thinking out loud". But monologues really only make sense to one person.

However, when we speak to one or more people, we need to talk in a satisfactorily clear way, whether by asking, answering, informing or simply expressing a thought or feeling. We could then say that writing a good text is like having a good “conversation”, only in a written way.

There are several conversation profiles: philosophical, poetic, commercial, informal. When writing for each audience, the writer should avoid talking about subjects that are not closely related to the choice of his topic - unless it actually makes the text more interesting.

For a good writer, each subject he masters can be discussed in different ways; with new approaches and insights , he transmits it all through his texts. Can create logical reasoning blocks and talk about the subject from the basic to the most advanced level.

It is worth mentioning that in this text we refer to the term “information” as defined by Houaiss: “a set of knowledge gathered on a given subject or person” .

Who do you write for?

There are several reader profiles. Some are practical, others more reflective; some rational, others emotional. Within each reader profile there are several niches. An audience of readers can be subdivided or join other related groups. For example, readers of sports texts are very likely to consume sports products. Following will provide you more information about writing assignment in any area.

No matter who you write for, what the reader expects most from each text is the relevant information about what he is looking for. Therefore, a complete writer must have at least three characteristics:
  • Mastery of the art of writing.
  • He is always well informed about matters in his area.
  • Ability to delight your readers by always serving as a source of inspiration and relevant information.
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11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing
1. Have something to say
2. Be specific
3. Choose simple words
4. Write short sentences
5. Use the active voice
6. Keep paragraphs short
7. Eliminate fluff words
8. Don’t ramble
9. Don’t be redundant or repeat yourself
10. Don’t over write
11. Edit ruthlessly

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