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Womens Connor McGovern 2019 Jersey

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Womens Connor McGovern 2019 Jersey

There are still quality player out there for the Cowboys to sign."The main part of roster-building in the NFL has come and gone Dallas Cowboys Connor McGovern Jersey , and the Dallas Cowboys have made some good moves. The initial free agency period, followed by the draft and the undrafted free agent signings have created the bulk of the Cowboys roster that will see action in the 2019 season. But as of Tuesday of this week, teams can sign a free agent and it wont count in the compensatory draft pick formula. That’s kind of a big deal. So with that deadline passed, talk of signing the remaining “name” free agents has been kick-started. Plus, we have some actual deals as it’s been reported the Seahawks are signing Ziggy Ansah to a one-year deal.When free agent targets are being assigned, you can always count on the Cowboys name somehow showing up in the predictions. This year, though, it might make some sense. Dallas is “all-in” this year given they’ve left Jason Garrett hanging on a lame-duck contract. This season has a do-or-die feel for Garrett so he should be pounding the table for all the help he can get. The Cowboys do have cap room Cheap Connor McGovern Youth Jersey , somewhere north of $15 million and even though they have lots of work to do with contract extensions, the Amari Cooper deal could actually save cap space while the Dak Prescott deal could be creatively worked to not impact the 2019 cap too much.The Cowboys have room to bring in free agents, and at this point one-year deals are more likely than earlier in the offseason. If the Cowboys want to go “all-in” and take their best shot at a Super Bowl run, they might want to consider breaking their recent “no big name” free agent stance and take a risk.There are three “names” out there that are being called good fits for Dallas in various media. Two of them are safeties and one of them is a defensive tackle. Let’s take a look.Pro Football Focus sees Eric Berry as a good fit for Dallas.The Cowboys had Berry in for a look during the early part of free agency and passed. Maybe it was the medical situation they weren’t comfortable with or maybe the Berry camp was asking for too much of a contract. Now is the time when bargains are had. Berry would certainly be a great locker room presence, but does he have anything left for on the field? If the Cowboys don’t think Berry has anything left, there’s another younger and healthier safety who could certainly help. That’s Tre Boston.The Ringer thinks Dallas is the logical destination.It’s hard to argue against this. The signing of George Iloka certainly doesn’t preclude the Cowboys from going after another free agent safety. Boston’s case is curious as no team has jumped on signing him to a multi-year deal. If he’s willing to do a one-year deal of moderate value, you have to wonder why the Cowboys wouldn’t do it. Their belief in Jeff Heath as a starter is mystifying. For the Win at USA Today also like the pairing of Boston and Dallas.Then there is the big fish still out there. Ndamukong Suh. He’s waiting, but he’ll eventually sign a one-year deal somewhere. Dallas has been mentioned when talking about potential landing spots.A starting defensive line of DeMarcus Lawrence Dallas Cowboys Connor McGovern Jersey , Ndamukong Suh, Maliek Collins/Trysten Hill and Robert Quinn sounds enticing. Suh destroyed the interior of the Cowboys line in the playoff game. On the other hand, would he clash with Rod Marinelli’s “hustle all the time” mantra? Could he cause friction in a seemingly harmonious locker room? Signing Suh would be the ultimate “all-in” maneuver by the Cowboys. Should they be “all-in”? While the bye week didn’t exactly do them any favors the Dallas Cowboys are still well within striking distance in the NFC East. Talking about playoffs is always a big thing, but the Cowboys are in the middle of the pack in their conference and have a fair shot.This has felt like a season of importance for the brain trust of the Cowboys, specifically head coach Jason Garrett. While the club technically had a winning record a season ago there’s no question that it was a disappointment from the 13-win campaign a year before it. The Cowboys are expected to win and to win now. That’s not a good thing if they’re not doing it.The world saw the front office make a few choice decisions over the offseason. Perhaps their two biggest bets were going with a cast of question marks at wide receiver and bringing in a new offensive line coach that taught an unusual technique. Had those moves worked out then we’d be sitting here celebrating what the Cowboys did, that’s common sense. Considering the wide receiver group and offensive line have both been bad through seven games they are rightfully being faced with a lot of questions.The Cowboys are owning up to their own poor decisionsA week ago the Cowboys shipped their first-round draft pick out of town to bring in wide receiver Amari Cooper. This was a flat out admission that their previous philosophy wasn’t working and that they needed a (hopeful) superstar at the position. Good for them for not only realizing this but acting on it, although obviously everyone wishes they’d paid less.Bye weeks are a unique set of seven days that offer the time to pull off moves like these. They also offer time for reflection. The Cowboys seemingly reflected on what used to be the best element of their team in their offensive line and realized that it was in fact playing to suboptimal levels. They also made a change there on Monday when they fired Paul Alexander, promoted Marc Colombo Womens Connor McGovern 2019 Jersey , and brought back Hudson Houck. Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsPlenty of people are at a “doesn’t matter what changes they make, they’re doomed” standpoint with the Cowboys, but such is life rooting for America’s Team. While yes, the Cowboys obviously erred in some of their decisions over the offseason, the fact that they would do everything that they could to rectify it with time left is certainly commendable. The reality here is that a lot hangs in the balance with the Cowboys. These next nine games that they’ll play are going to determine a lot of outcomes and fates. It was confounding how a team that was seemingly up against a wall had such a passive disposition when it came to how they built their roster and staff, not to mention how conservative the Cowboys have been in their losses.Perhaps the Cowboys are proverbially pushing in all of their chips here. Maybe they realize that they are somewhat all-in. If the team doesn’t do something noteworthy between now and January they are going to have a lot of questions to answer. For now those questions will continue to linger, but what will not continue to fester is the passive nature we saw from September to now. The Cowboys are done watching themselves sink. They’re trying to make a swim of it at this point. Whether or not they will remains to be seen but for now they deserve credit for giving it what they’ve got.
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